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Zosia Mamet Spills All on Her New Platinum Hue (And More Pressing Style and Beauty Questions)


When we got Zosia Mamet in our studio, we could hardly wait to ask her about the inspiration behind her bright blonde hue. The Girls star opened up on her move from brunette to platinum, as well as how it’s affecting her dressing (and whether she’s a fan of her character Shoshanna’s outrĂ© hair accessories).

Zosia Mamet blonde hair
Courtesy Ben Trivett

“There isn’t a big reason behind deciding to go platinum,” she tells PEOPLE in the clip below. “I kinda just wanted to do it for fun. I got to go blonder a few years ago for a play, and that was the first time I dyed my hair. I only got to have it for like three months, and then I had to go back to being a brunette for the show.”

[brightcoveplayer 3781910452001]

And while she’s having fun with her new hue, she’s more excited about her piece-y bob. “I love having short hair so much better than long hair,” she explains. “I had been long pretty much my whole life, and I always loved it until right before I cut it. If I turned over at night, I’d have to throw my hair [over] first, because it was so long that if I turned into it it would strangle me. Having short hair is just so easy.”

Mamet, who is partnering with the Skyla Make Your Mark campaign to inspire women to reach for their career dreams, also answered some very important “this or that” questions, like “Blonde or Brunette?”, “Flats or Heels?” and more. Watch the whole clip above to find out what style Q we stumped her on, and tell us your thoughts on the star’s new hair below!

–Brittany Talarico