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Will Forte Demonstrates Why It's Always a Bad Idea to Shave Half Your Head


Will Forte has proven time and time again that he is fully committed to getting into character for his role on 
The Last Man on Earth
. Leading up to each season, the actor leaves his hair long and cultivates a huge, bushy beard to play one of the remaining survivors of the human race, but this year he went above and beyond, shaving off the entire right side of his head, including his eyebrow, as part of a prank. Now, he’s giving us a look at the aftermath of his last dramatic hair change, and we’d say it’s been a tough transition.

Will Forte haircut
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At a special presentation of Key and Peele’s new film Keanu in Hollywood on Wednesday night, Will proved why you should absolutely never shave only half your head. The actor appears to still be struggling with growing out his locks, showing up to the premiere with a closely shorn hairstyle that’s been shaved exclusively across his hairline creating the illusion that he suddenly has a receding hairline, although this is most likely an attempt to even out his hair after totally mangling it for the show.

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It’s a good thing Will has an amazing sense of humor because most famous actors wouldn’t be quite so amused by having to shave off chunks of their hair and having it grow back a little wonky. On the other hand, some method thespians would probably be totally blown away by his extreme commitment to his craft. Regardless, Forte’s got to be hoping next season will be just a little bit gentler on his delicate follicles.

What do you think of Will Forte’s semi-shaved new do? Sound off below!

–Emily Kirkpatrick