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What We're Buying: Gretta Monahan's 'Game-Changing' Skincare Device


Have you bought anything you loved lately? In the PeopleStyle offices, the answer to that question is usually “Yes.” We love to share our absolute can’t-miss picks in our gallery, What We’re Loving Right Now — and now TV personality Gretta Monahan is sharing the skincare device that changed her whole skincare routine.

What We're Buying Gretta Monahan
Courtesy Gretta Monahan

Gretta Monahan, author of Style and the Successful Girl and co-host of Brides Gone Styled on TLC: “I spend a lot of my time finding beauty solutions for other people (My clients, viewers, and friends — all of whom I basically consider the same thing!), which means when I have a minute to take care of myself instead, I better be using the most efficient products I can get my hands on. The best part of owning spas is that I’m always testing the best new innovations on the beauty market on myself, so I only buy and stick with the ones that really do the job.

My personal tried-and-true go-to is Conture, an anti-aging sonic skincare that’s just downright miraculous. I started using it regularly at home a few months back, and a few weeks later my skin was firmer, smoother and the fine lines around my eyes had faded. Since then it’s become my savior… it does all the things celebs run to their dermatologists for and spend tons of money on — dramatic wrinkle reduction, tightening and radiant color — except that it also supercharges skin’s natural ability to absorb all those helpful vitamins and minerals in our lotions and serums by three times. I’m hooked!”

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