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We're Halfway Through the Week! Here Are Some Gorgeous Photos of Miranda Kerr's Escada Campaign to Celebrate


Still looking for a fall scent to wear all the time? Miranda Kerr‘s here to fill you in on her favorite, and also share her tips for wearing perfume. The supermodel fronts Escada’s “Joyful” fragrance campaign, and we have some exclusive outtakes from her shoot.

Miranda Kerr Escada
Courtesy of ESCADA Fragrances

“I like to spritz on the ends of my hair, and also on my clothing before I get dressed. Just a little spritz on my clothing,” Kerr told PEOPLE of her scent style. “It’s a subtle way when you enter the room for people to feel your presence, but not be overwhelmed by it.”

For the supermodel, wearing different scents brings back memories of her childhood. “I remember playing with my mother’s perfumes. She had quite a collection. On her dresser she had all the different perfumes — it was her thing,” Kerr says. “I also remember using rose oils and sandalwood oil — mixing those two together. I liked that balance of the fresh flowers with something that’s very grounding like sandalwood. I think that’s a nice mix of freshness and strength.”

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Miranda Kerr Escada
Courtesy of ESCADA Fragrances

It was the sandalwood notes in “Joyful” that made Kerr a fan of the fragrance immediately. “When they first approached me and told me about the fragrance and that it was called ‘Joyful,’ I was like that name in itself is a great alignment with me,” she says. “Then I found out the scent was a mix of peonies, magnolias and sandalwood. And the bottle is really beautiful. It’s a great fit and I’m so excited to be a part of it.”

And when Kerr finds a scent she likes, she sticks with it for a while. “I like to keep it consistent. If I like a fragrance it just kind of becomes my signature, day and night,” she said. “These days you find something that works you might as well go with it.”

What do you think of the star’s perfume-wearing style? Are you a fan of her pretty pink campaign? Share your thoughts below.

–Brittany Talarico