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We Tried It: Wrinkle-Reducing Face Patches


We Tried It: Wrinkle-Reducing Face Patches

Who Tried It: Jackie Fields, Beauty Writer

Why I Did It: I’ve discovered at the ripe age of 30-something that some of my expression lines are overstaying their welcome. And I tried smizing, but turns out that gives me a headache (a supermodel I am not).

Level of Difficulty: 1. You know where your wrinkles are, so simply stick these products on top of them — both come with handy visuals just in case — then sit back and let the clock turn back.

Best wrinkle patches
Courtesy Jackie Fields

“Can I launch a Kickstarter for Botox?” asked my BFF as we fretted over our new furrows at a recent dinner. While I am fairly certain the answer is no, the query inspired me to search for some pain-free, wallet-friendly solutions to these unsightly lines.

First I tried my hand at Furlesse. The brand sells four packs of patches aimed at reducing the look of wrinkles: “Rows” for your forehead, “Crows” for around the eyes, “Lip-Sticks” for around the mouth and “Elevens” for between the brows. Each pack costs $20 and provides a 30-day supply, so I figured if they worked, they’d make the perfect stocking stuffer for that friend I mentioned.

At the end of a long day I decided to give these a whirl in the most logical of places–my office. Hey, I figured I wouldn’t miss a wrinkle under this fluorescent lighting. I was so surprised by how discreet they looked that I decided to slip out of the building and into a cab home with them on! I won’t say the cab driver didn’t notice them, but he certainly made no mention of it, which increased his tip twofold.

Remember when you were a kid, and you would put tape on your face for [insert gross reason here]? What I always remember from that experience was how annoying the tape felt. In contrast, these adhesive strips couldn’t be more comfortable. However, they do gently force your face to relax, so it’s best to wear them when you’re truly winding down. I fell asleep with them on (they’re hypoallergenic, a major bonus), and when I woke up hours later they hadn’t budged! After peeling them off (it doesn’t hurt) my skin looked brand new, and stayed flawless for a couple hours.

Wrinkle reducing patches
Best Wrinkle Patches

A few days later, it was time to test Skyn Iceland’s Hydro Cool Firming Face Gels. Truth be told, I was already a longtime fan of the brand’s Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels. I had been known to plaster my forehead and the sides of my mouth with them, so I was pretty excited to see these appropriately-sized products launch. Plus, they pack additional ingredients that restore firmness in those areas (try all three patches at once in their genius Face-Lift in-a-Bag!).

They don’t call these “Cooling Gels” for nothing. Popping these on feels sooo relaxing. In fact, I refrained from adding the eye patches also because it was beginning to feel a lot like a Red Door Spa in my office—and I needed to focus! I forgot they were on until they started to peel a bit, and by then 30 minutes has passed! But even after wearing them for three times the recommended amount of time, while my skin looked supple immediately after, I felt my lines became visible again sooner than I’d hoped.

The Verdict: Neither stands a chance against Botox, but both provide immediate results that make them worth working into my regimen (and slapping on an hour before a big date). I’ll surely be sleeping in the Furlesse for the foreseeable future, and since Skyn Iceland is meant to be used once a week, I’ll include it in my weekend get-ready routine so I can plump up my skin and continue to party with the best of ’em.

Would you be down to pop on these patches?