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We Tried It: The Ty-Lite (A.K.A. Beyoncé's Stylist's Lighted Phone Case for Flawless Selfies)


What It Is: The
is a light up phone case created by Ty Hunter, Beyoncé‘s stylist (yes, we said Beyoncé’s stylist). The LED case creates three different light settings — Cool, Warm and Brilliant — which are meant to ensure any lighting situation is selfie-ready. Bonus: it doubles as a protective case, runs on its own battery, is available for multiple iPhone sizes and the Galaxy S6 and, like I said, it was created by Beyoncé’s stylist! SLAY.

Who Tried it: Char Adams, Reporter

Why I Did It: Since the dawn of time (or at the very least since the launch of Instagram), humanity has been on a quest for the ideal selfie. Nowadays, if you don’t take a snap of yourself at the club, your friend’s birthday dinner or church, did the event even really happen? Thus, the selfie has secured for itself a place in millennial culture. So when the stylist to the reigning queen of Instagram (“I Was Here” is about her Insta presence … right?) presents a tool to perfect the art, it is our duty to put it to the test.

Ty-Lite Phone Case
Char Adams


Level of difficulty: 1. Seriously. I’m not a selfie expert. “Casual” shots for me require a lot of work. By the time I’ve searched for the best lighting, as well as committed to perfect tilt for my head and angle for my phone, I look tired. But the Ty-Lite takes away so much of the selfie-induced stress, the hardest part is choosing your favorite light setting.

Testing the Ty-Lite: It comes in a black box, with a charger for the device included (note: I’ve had the Ty-Lite for about three weeks and haven’t needed to charge it yet). It was a bit of a struggle to wiggle my iPhone 6 into the case, but that’s the way it is with any good phone case, right? The black backing of the case feels very sturdy and the rubber lining (in which the lights are encased) is actually great for protecting your phone. It’s no OtterBox, of course. But for a device which is designed solely to perfect your Insta life, it’s pretty impressive as a case too.

Ty-Lite Review
Char Adams

The Ty-Lite has three light settings. “Cool” is the brightest setting — like makeup-mirror bright; the second is a softer, yellow hue (aptly dubbed “Warm”) and the third is a combination of the first two settings called “Brilliant.” There is a yellow button on the back of the case that activates each light setting.

To test out the product, I took a “control” photo using only my living room’s original lighting, and as I suspected, the photo definitely wasn’t Instagram-worthy. I then switched to the “Cool” setting and snapped a few shots. I did the same with the second and third settings (above).

I then turned off all the lights in my living room and took several more selfies (below)! Then I got really experimental.  I tried out the device on the subway (yes, under that ugly, fluorescent light — the “Cool” setting works best in that environment), a dimly-lit concert hall, a gym, Starbucks, the backseat of an Uber.

Ty-Lite Review
Char Adams

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Verdict: This is a must-have for anyone looking to take their selfie game to the next level (whether beginner or advanced). The Ty-Lite genuinely made taking the selfies so much easier. All three light settings are great, but I must say the “Cool” setting was really bright. The first time I used it, I had to use my free hand to shield my eyes. I even contemplated putting on a pair of sunglasses, but eventually my eyes adjusted to it. The “Warm” setting is my absolute favorite.

Still fangirling over Beyonce's stylist @tytryone !! #IAMNYFW #NYFW #Beyonce #FTLMODA

A photo posted by CiCi🌸 (@ciciadams_) on

Overall, I’d say the Ty-Lite is a vital tool. It made taking selfies more fun. Thanks to the device, I unabashedly snap selfies pretty much everywhere–you could say I’m definitely feelin’ myself.

–Char Adams