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Today in Controversial Purse News from Rihanna, Kensington Palace and More...


The handbag, while one of our favorite items of clothing, is not usually the subject of much controversy. Even the most statement-making clutch or cross-body tends to be a piece that inspires awe, admiration or a shopping spree — but not much outrage. This weekend, however, the stars were aligned: We got three handbag “horror stories” all at once.

Rihanna gun purse

First up, Rihanna, who knows a thing or two about eyebrow-raising style. There aren’t many bold trends she hasn’t tried, but somehow she still manages to find new ways to push the envelope on a regular basis. The pot-stirring piece of choice this time: A handgun-shaped handbag, which she accessories with a handgun-print clutch. Aside from the implications of turning a firearm into a fashion statement, we have to question the logic behind carrying one handbag that isn’t big enough for all your stuff. Maybe next time she could consider a bigger weapon-shaped purse, like a mace or a tank?

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Rihanna gun purse
Courtesy; Getty

Next, Mulberry incited a bit of ire from the British monarchy when it Tweeted a snapshot of its Kensington satchel hanging from the gates of Kensington Palace — also known as the home of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The Daily Mail caught the snap before Mulberry took it down at the request of the Palace, said a spokesman in a statement: “The image was taken without our permission and we requested that it be removed.” Mulberry responded, “We made this post in error.” No word on whether Kate was able to get her hands on a bag before they were taken down.

Rihanna gun purse
Courtesy; Getty

And finally: If you’re the type of client who would drop $20,000 on an Herm├Ęs Birkin bag, you’re probably also the kind of client who would prefer it not smell like weed when it heats up in the sun. Unfortunately for a group of those customers, they’ve got a badly tanned batch of Birkins which are doing just that. Page Six quotes insiders saying that the store is receiving numerous returns but is unsure how to deal with the embarrassing skunk-y smell.

Which bag news surprises you most?

–Alex Apatoff