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The KarJenners' Plastic Surgeon on Kylie's 'Amazing Metamorphosis'


For the Kardashian-Jenner crew, getting a little light surgical sculpting done on your face is as low-key as switching your signature hairstyle from a platinum lob to long French braids.

And they’re not shy about the subject (you may recall Khloé’s long exposition on the subject of her sisters’ nether-region rejuvenation): In an interview published on Khloé‘s website on Wednesday, the family’s trusted cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Simon Ourian opens up about his work on the reality stars — including 18-year-old Kylie.

Kylie Jenner plastic surgery
Vincent Sandoval/WireImage; Ari Perilstein/Getty

“Kylie has become very wise in what she wants to have done,” Ourian tells Khloé. “She has been going through an amazing metamorphosis over the past couple of years.”

The youngest of the KarJenners was the subject of much discussion last year when she admitted to getting lip fillers at the age of 17. Although mom Kris denied giving Kylie permission to undergo the procedure, Kylie stood by her decision and praised Ourian for his work.

“He’s the best, and he’s super natural about it,” she told the New York Times in September. I was going to somebody [else] before, and it was just looking crazy.”

#khloekardashian looking more beautiful everyday.

A photo posted by Dr. Simon Ourian – Epione (@simonourianmd1) on

In the interview with Khloé, Ourian, who says he was “formally trained in the classic sculpting of faces and torsos,” also dishes about his favorite things about working on Khloé and her sister Kim.

Kim, he says, “is very detail-oriented and knows exactly what she wants and needs, so when I work on her, it is like working with a colleague and I really enjoy it.”

To Khloé, he praises her own role in her transformation over the past year (including her 40-lb. weight loss), saying, “I love the transformation you have had with all your own hard work and a little help from me.” Not to mention that she keeps him laughing: “When I was doing your tattoo removal, I realized you were able to spew out more four letter words than most sailors. In fact, it was so entertaining that I was looking for more tattoos to remove!”

How do you feel about the KarJenners’ plastic surgery procedures? Have you gone under the knife (or laser)? Let us know in the comments!

— Andrea Park