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The Amazing Trick to Ensure You Never Have Another Bad Hair Day


If you’ve ever felt pressured to straighten your strands for a big event or dye your hair a “normal” shade for your job, you’re certainly not alone. In their latest research geared towards understanding women’s beauty hang-ups, Dove discovered that 86 percent of women feel pressured by the media and society to wear their hair a certain style or shade. And (if you know anything about Dove’s past campaigns) they’re now on a mission to address that number.

Dove hair inspiration campaign
Courtesy Dove

The beauty giant tapped six women (from beauty editors to celebrity hairstylists), all with very different hair (think: long, blonde to curly brunette), to share their stories of how they’ve dealt with external pressures to change their tresses. And with that, a hashtag — #LoveYourHair — was born. Our favorite part? That once you love your hair, there’s no such thing as a bad hair day.

The brand’s research also turned up the stat that only 11 percent of women wouldn’t change a single thing about their hair, which is what inspired them to come up with a campaign to encourage women to, well, you know, in their mane’s natural (or unnatural — rainbow hair counts too!) state. And to get the conversation started, they created one of their signature heartstrings-tugging videos to explain the campaign.

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After a big kickoff on the Today Show, women began joining the conversation on Twitter, posting sweet, silly and inspiring hair selfies.

What do you think of Dove’s #LoveYourHair initiative? Share below!

–Sarah Kinonen