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The 2015 Met Gala Theme Is 'Chinese Whispers.' Yes, We're Serious. What's Anna Going to Wear?


As soon as the press release hit our inboxes this morning announcing that the 2015 Costume Institute Gala would be themed “Chinese Whispers” (and co-hosted by Jennifer Lawrence), the texts were fast and furious. The gist of our conversations? “What on earth … are people going to wear?” After seeing the ways stars “punked out” of the punk-themed 2013 Met Ball and the ridiculously boring interpretations of this year’s opulent Charles James theme, we can only assume next year is going to bring us uncomfortably off-color takes on “Chinese Whispers” (we can’t stop saying it) or a bunch of celebs playing it way too safe.

One definite wild card? Anna Wintour. Will she go in China doll regalia? Wear a dress printed with ancient watercolor patterns? Dress up in a full dragon costume? Just kidding, she’s going to wear a fitted, cap-sleeve gown, likely with a floral print, as evidenced by her past three Met Gala ensembles.

Anna Wintour Met Gala 2015
Getty (3)

For the 2012 Met Gala, Wintour wore a basic white Prada column with a little whimsy courtesy of a gold embroidered lobster, a nod to the year’s honored designers, Miuccia Prada and Elsa Schiaparelli. But aside from that slight step outside her comfort zone, she hewed closely to her other preferred styling choices — a jeweled necklace and strappy nude sandals.

The past two years, she’s worn Chanel Couture, which was notably off-theme in 2013 (her nod to punk, we suppose, was rejecting punk altogether) and only slightly less in-step in 2014 (when ladies were expected to wear voluminous, ’50s-inspired ballgowns). And certainly, we wouldn’t expect any majorly off-brand moments from the legendary Vogue editor in chief, who has rocked the same bob, Chanel shades and nude Manolo Blahnik mules since roughly the beginning of time.

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Anna Wintour Met Gala 2015
Getty (3)

So what do we expect to see her in on a night dedicated to “Chinese Whispers?” We looked to three of her favorite designers for some appropriately anti-thematic choices. From left, we spotted a floral Oscar de la Renta number that would look gorgeous as a gown, already comes with a flashy jeweled necklace and would look just out-of-place enough on a night dedicated to the exotic fashions of the Far East.

Then there’s a white Chanel dress with a beaded collar that would also be appropriately chic and understated on her, though we expect she’d have it made up in, say, purple, as white is traditionally the color of mourning in China. And finally, this Carolina Herrera gown might be just the ticket — the red-and-black floral print definitely has, shall we say, a whisper of a Chinese theme, while still setting her apart from all the poseurs on the carpet.

Any front-runners for you? Think she should go all-out? And seriously, what does Chinese Whispers even mean?

–Alex Apatoff