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Sophia Bush Is Going to Make Your Life Greener in 6 Easy Steps


If the term “beauty activist” existed, we’d apply it to Sophia Bush. She recently created her own “mix-and-match” fragrance line, constantly supports local (and international!) artisans and works hard to maintain an eco-friendly beauty routine. Which is why, for a second year in a row, the actress is teaming up with EcoTools, in hopes of encouraging women to empower and inspire one another while reducing their carbon footprint for the beauty tool brand’s new social campaign, #MyTrueBeauty. Naturally, we had questions — and she gave us some great answers on how to make our own lives more environmentally conscious.

Sophia Bush EcoTools
D Dipasupil/Getty

Start small — with your makeup bag
“Being an actor and spending an awful lot of time in makeup trailers over the years, I’ve gotten my key items down pat. I’ve used EcoTools brushes forever because they have such a great low footprint; they use all recycled metals, the bristles are cruelty-free and all of their wood is actually bamboo, which is really easy and sustainable to harvest.”

Be conscious of the clothes you’re wearing (and how they’re made)
“Probably 85 percent of my closet comes from Reformation. I’ve been shopping at its store since it was just one tiny spot in this hole in the wall on Melrose Avenue, and now they’re becoming this massive fashion brand and I’m so happy about it because they use all surplus materials and recycled cashmere, and the processes that those clothing items go through is not nearly as harmful or detrimental [as others]. All of that is so important because people aren’t even aware that the clothes that they wear could be causing environmental problems.”

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Support small causes and shop locally
“I spent a month in Africa and I was in Uganda for two-and-a-half weeks visiting a few of the brands that I love: Sseko, Akola Project and 31Bits. And at each place, I sat with the artisans and I learned so much about all of these women — about their stories, about their kids, about how being empowered and having these careers now has totally changed their lives — and I got to design a piece with each brand. It’s been really exciting because now so many of my fans have discovered [the brands] through my social media.”

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Consider second-hand shopping
“For years I’ve been helping my friends decorate their houses, and I’m usually the first person at the flea market at 5:30 in the morning, digging through trucks. Which is also a great way to be environmentally conscious: Recycle pieces, so you don’t have to order brand-new furniture. My house is definitely a mix of the two, and I feel really good about that.”

Recycle everything — including your clothes
“By the end of [One Tree Hill], we started collecting things [from the show], so I have this big trunk with [Brooke’s] wedding dress, which I co-designed with Lubov Azria, and I have Julian’s letterman jacket and the Honey Grove, Texas, prom dress that was vintage, covered in paillettes — it was super ’70s. Eventually I’ll give them to my daughter, or to the museum on the Warner Brothers lot.”

Contribute to causes you believe in, even if it’s not with your wallet
“Because I already work with The Girl Project, EcoTools said, ‘Hey, how can we help?’ So this year, there isn’t a purchase required to raise money. March is Women’s Month and we really wanted to celebrate and empower women — it’s truly beautiful — and that’s where the #MyTrueBeauty hashtag came from. For every message posted on social media with the hashtag (and by tagging EcoTools) that someone tags, [EcoTools] will donate a dollar to The Girl Project up to $100,000.”

How do you green your beauty routine?

–Sarah Kinonen