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Shay Mitchell: On the Surprising Trick She Uses to Remove Her Makeup and More!


You may know her from Pretty Little Liars, but Shay Mitchell’s other job — lifestyle blogger — keeps the star pretty busy off-set. And it’s also inspired in her a passion of sharing what she loves about beauty and fashion.

Shay Mitchell
Michael Simon/Startraks

As someone who is constantly getting her hair and makeup done on set and for the red carpet, it’s important for Mitchell to keep her skin fresh. “Being on set, it takes such a toll on your hair, your skin, anything. So any time I’m not going out — or even when I do go out — I try to give my skin and my hair some time to do its thing and be natural,” she tells PEOPLE.

As a result, she’s got one all-natural product that serves multiple purposes on her vanity. “I use a lot of coconut oil,” Mitchell tells PEOPLE. “You put it all over [your face] and then you take a hot cloth [to wipe it off]. I love using a wet [cloth] so I can make sure it all comes off, and I can see it.”

Coconut oil also serves as a deep conditioner for the star. “It’s a secret my mom always told me being from the Philippines,” she says. “They used it all the time, and her hair is still fabulous!”

As far as on-set tips, Mitchell has picked up a can’t-fail lip smoothing routine from the Pretty Little Liars makeup artist (and she’d know, considering how many dramatic closeups she has to prep the show’s stars for). “I lather Carmex’s MoisturePlus lip balm on first. Then you get a soft toothbrush, and you run your toothbrush under hot water, so the bristles get soft. Then you exfoliate your lips,” Mitchell tells PEOPLE. “I have to do this on a regular basis because my lips get chapped all the time from all the different lipsticks and lip glosses and being on set, and just being outside when the weather changes because it changes your lips.”

And as a Carmex spokeswoman, Mitchell’s been doing her part to spread the love for the line to her castmates. “I’ve been sneaking [lip balm tubes] in their rooms! It’s fun because I could literally look at [the different patterned lip balm tubes] and say, ‘This would be more for Lucy [Hale], or this would be for Troian [Bellisario] and this would definitely be Ashley [Benson]!'” she says. “It’s fun, and that’s what I think it should be. Fashion is fun. Beauty is fun. It’s not a serious thing. Let’s have fun with it.”

What do you think of the star’s beauty secrets? Did you find them helpful? Will you be trying any at home? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

–Sarah Kinonen