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Priyanka Chopra: 'I'm a Guess Girl ... Wow!'

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Bryan Adams for Guess

Guess has a knack for picking some of the most beautiful women in the world for their ads — “Guess Girl” alumni include Claudia Schiffer, Drew Barrymore, Kate Upton and Alessandra Ambrósio — just before their careers hit the stratosphere. And that trend seems to be continuing with their latest pick, Priyanka Chopra. A massive name in Bollywood (and the youngest Miss World, at 17), Chopra is the first Indian Guess girl, handpicked by the line’s co-founder Paul Marciano because she reminded him of Angelina Jolie.

“It’s amazing — such an honor and a bit surreal,” Chopra tells PEOPLE about landing this campaign, adding that Schiffer’s campaign was an inspiration. “I’ve always referenced beautifully strong, feminine Guess Girls [in my beauty routine, and] now I’m one. I’m a Guess Girl … wow!”

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Heightening the surreal shoot? Bryan Adams (yes, that one) photographed the black-and-white ads, which show her both all dressed up and laid-back and barefoot. “Bryan is truly a modern day Renaissance man. He sang to me on set!,” she shares. “Before we started shooting he asked me ‘What can I do to inspire you?’ and I said ‘Sing for me,’ so he did! I also made him dance to Hindi music. He’s really good at the Hindi accent — he’s very popular in India! Honestly, his accent is better than mine.”

And even off-camera, Chopra admits to loving all things beauty and fashion. “I’m such a girlie girl,” she says. “I can’t live without lip gloss; my last purchase was Laura Mercier lip stain.” She also shares the best tip she learned from the Miss India pageant (and yep, we’re stealing this one): “Ice before you apply makeup to eyes and face. It really refreshes you, especially if you’re tired.”

You’d think it would be impossible for such a world-traveling fashionista, who has walked in Mumbai fashion week and starred in dozens of films, to narrow down her fashion philosophy to just three words, but Chopra doesn’t hesitate: “I love jeans!” Seems like she’s working for the right place, then.

What do you think about Chopra as the new face of Guess? Have you seen her movies?

–Alex Apatoff


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