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Miley Cyrus's Bowl Cut: An Open Letter

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Lloyd Christmas
Miley Cyrus,

Isn’t growing out a haircut the worst? There’s nothing to do about those awkward pieces that fall in your face, while the rest refuses to be wrangled into any kind of a style. Listen, Llo — oops, Miley. We feel you. What are you supposed to do with a pixie that’s taking its sweet time becoming a bob?

Well, this is definitely one option. You could wear it like a bowl cut. You could call your BFF Harry Dunne (as played by Jeff Daniels) and get into your giant shaggy dog van and have a road trip adventure. (On second thought, you might actually have too much fun doing that, given your propensity for dancing with giant shaggy bears.) You could don high-waisted overalls for the cherry on top of the questionable look sundae, that’s for sure.

Or. Maybe you could look at one of the many other stars with gracefully growing-out pixies and take a cue from them. Let Charlize guide you, child. Look to Lawrence. Michelle Williams won’t guide you astray. We know you’re not trying to save money by having Tish put a bowl on your head and snip around it, so get thee to a hairdresser and pick a look that isn’t obscuring that pretty face with its bangs and general absurdity.

With a loving eyeroll,

PEOPLE StyleWatch

P.S. Thank you for the excuse to watch Dumb and Dumber clips for 15 minutes and call it work.

Your thoughts on this cut?


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