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Kim Kardashian's Wax Figure Will Take a Selfie With You. So We Transported Princess Kate, Beyoncé and More


Kim Kardashian West is the leading producer of selfies in our time. She takes them anywhere (bathrooms, helicopters) shows off everything (butt, cleavage) and she literally wrote (okay, compiled) the book on them. So for the wax museum that aims to capture the true embodiment of influential people (Laverne Cox, Michele Obama, Pitbull) it only made sense that Madame Tussauds unveiled Kim in her truest form: taking a selfie.

Earlier this year during a T-Mobile Twitter chat, she revealed who her dream selfie partner would be. “My dad. Or Jesus. Or Marilyn Monroe. I can’t decide,” Kim said. But since that’s no longer possible, we envisioned some other dignitaries who might make the trip.

Kate Middleton and Kim Kardashian West
Getty (2)

We’re not sure it would be royal protocol for Princess Kate to snap a photo herself (does the Queen even allow selfies?), but there would be no better match-up than the Duchess of Cambridge and the Queen of the perfectly-angled photo. Plus, Kim’s wax figure is in the London museum so Kate has no excuse not to stop by.

Hilary Clinton and Kim Kardashian West
Getty (2)

Hillary Clinton may actually rank second behind Kim for “selfie-est celeb.” She just posed with Zach Braff, Olivia Wilde and Uzo Aduba. And she shared a snap with Meryl Streep. Not to mention Kim just endorsed her presidential campaign. Sounds like a match made in Insta-heaven to us.

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Kim Kardashian West selfie
Getty (2)

Kim herself is psyched to pose with the figure, writing on Instagram, “I can’t wait until I can fit into the same dress and go take a selfie with my wax figure!!!” The dress in question? Her fully-beaded Balmain bachelorette party dress. But why wait? She could show up in another favorite design of hers: a nude latex sheath.

Beyonce and Kim Kardashian West
Getty (2)

To beef up Beyoncé‘s expertly-curated Instagram feed, she could use some of Kim’s expert selfie action. Or maybe she has to give Kim a few pointers — her flossing selfie with Blue Ivy may always be the cutest selfie of all time. We’re really just so conflicted because we’re not sure if one photo can handle so much flawlessness.

Jesus and Kim Kardashian West
Getty (2)

And you know what? Since we’re in the business of making dreams come true at PEOPLE Style, we just went ahead and envisioned what Kim’s all-time ultimate selfie with Jesus would look like. (You’re welcome, Kim.) And behold, a match made in heaven (literally).

Who else should Kim take a selfie with? Share with us in the comments below!

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— Colleen Kratofil