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Kevin Federline: Fragrance Pitchman?

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Add another line to his resume — Kevin Federline is the new pitchman for Axe body spray. And what qualifies him to speak for the brand? “Yeah, it’s cause I’m lucky with the girls,” Federline tells PEOPLE. “I was a fan of the product, and then they call and ask me to come down to the middle of Hollywood and jump in a giant spray can. I mean, this is a prime location, how can I say no?” And of course, it’s a cause near and dear to his heart. “I’m all about smelling good, if you’re not down with the personal hygiene, then you can’t roll with my crew.” After being told he was following in the well-groomed footsteps of former Axe pitchmen Ben Affleck and Nick Lachey, Federline decided that he would smell the best out of the three because “I’ve never smelled either one of those guys.” But he is open to sniffing other guys — after giving props to his bodyguard, Big Mike, for “always smelling good,” Federline tells PEOPLE that “no one wants to be around you if you smell bad.” Luckily for those around K-Fed, he’s got his Axe with him now wherever he goes.

Photo: Bob Riha Jr/WireImage


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