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Kate Mara: 'People Tell Me My Haircut Looks Like Leonardo DiCaprio's in Romeo & Juliet'


Kate Mara’s hair happenings are a popular topic of conversation in the PEOPLE StyleWatch office. So when we caught up with her at an H&M New York Fashion Week event, we couldn’t wait to ask how her latest do has influenced her style. And speaking of influences, as it turns out, she’s got a hair twin.

Kate Mara and Leonardo DiCaprio
Courtesy Allison Teng

“Someone told me it reminded them of Leonardo DiCaprio’s haircut in Romeo & Juliet, which made my day,” the star told PEOPLE. “I didn’t know that until after the fact. I’m all about it.” (NOTE: We dug up the photo research, and we have to say the mane comparison is spot on.)

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Mara was joined by her stylist and best friend Johnny Wujek at the event Thursday, celebrating the window displays they curated for H&M’s flagship store in N.Y.C. pulling from the label’s latest fall collection. Wujek told PEOPLE that her hair has been a “huge hit.”

“My hairstyle has definitely become more adventurous,” Mara said. “I had long hair for most of my life, and then finally for a movie someone wanted me to cut it, which as an actor it feels so good to change up your look and it helps to play a different character.”

Mara and Wujek have been working together since the star hit the red carpet at the We Are Marshall premiere in 2006, wearing a red Prada design.

“She really knows what she likes, I pick up fast on people’s style, I can adapt to them,” he said. “It’s been effortless with us. It’s really easy. Everything we’ve been doing has been so much fun.”

Mara maintains that her style mantra is “girl-meets-boy” and right now she’s all about comfort. “I think everyone’s style changes as they grow and change,” she shared. “I like things that are more comfortable — I use to be a heels girl, I always wanted to wear heels all the time, but in the past few years, I’m more about comfort.”

Kate Mara and Leonardo DiCaprio
Paul Morigi/Getty

As for her favorite red carpet looks, the actress and her stylist both picked the same ones: the white, long-sleeve J Mendel dress worn to the 2013 Emmys and the yellow Dior dress she selected for the Creative Arts Emmys this year.

She also revealed that she’s inspired by House of Cards co-star’s Robin Wright’s style. “That backless jumpsuit was my favorite thing that she wore,” she said. “She could show up to a black tie event wearing sneakers and jeans and look like the most confident human being in the whole room, and I just love that.”

Are you a fan of Mara’s style? How about her hair? Share your thoughts below.

–Brittany Talarico