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Jake Gyllenhaal's Deepest, Darkest Hair Secret Is Revealed on TV


With the exception of that one time he went bald for a movie, Jake Gyllenhaal‘s crowning glory (yep, pun intended) has been his full, luxurious head of hair. He’s even got the remarkably productive follicles for a full lumberjack beard as well. But as Seth Meyers found out, there’s actually a dark secret behind Gyllenhaal’s luscious mane.

Jake Gyllenhaal combover

Confused? Horrified? Intrigued? Strangely libidinous? Watch this video for the backstory:

Who knew the the man with the ultimate man bun secretly has a tiny combover and an incredibly realistic toupĂ©e?! Okay, okay, it’s not for real (or is it?!), but we figured we’d send you into the weekend with one good belly laugh. (That is, if you didn’t pass out from shock first.)

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Would you love him anyway?