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Is This the End of Ryan Seacrest's Sharp American Idol Suits? 'For Now,' He Teases (Video Exclusive)

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There’s no doubt that the American Idol finale had its share of major fashion moments. And in fact, any show that spans 15 seasons is going to show an amazing evolution of style trends; just check out all these finale dresses (oh, Kelly Clarkson, those highlights). But there’s no better way to watch time pass and styles change than to observe the show’s only consistent star, Ryan Seacrest, who is sending off the show — and signing off his exclusive PeopleStyle blog — with a look back at his sartorial highs and lows.

Who could forget that super-tan skin and spiky hair from season one? Or his super-polished style now (courtesy of pieces from his own Ryan Seacrest Distinction line, but of course)? But you may not remember his baggy jeans or super-skinny ties, which are highlighted in all their glory alongside the show’s contestants and judges turned celebrities. Nothing will make you nostalgic quite like seeing Seacrest alongside Carrie Underwood as she took the crown in 2005 — then again in 2016 as she wraps up a powerhouse performance befitting the country superstar she’s become.

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Most importantly, though, Seacrest repeats last night’s mysterious finale closing lines: “Good night, America … for now.” Which means you can hold out hope for seeing Seacrest on another Idol stage, rocking a whole new style phase for you to enjoy.

Do you hope Idol makes a return?

— Alex Apatoff