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How to Master the Stegosaurus Pony: One Editor Attempts the Tricky Trend

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[brightcoveplayer 2758922031001]

Associate Editor Brittany Talarico gets pro tips on how to achieve her dream hairdo (of the moment, anyway!)
I have very long, very straight hair, so I’m always looking for ways to change up my mane game. Luckily, my job exposes me to tons of celebrity hairstyles. (And I get to share them with you!) The recent one I’m obsessing over — what editors have coined the “Stegosaurus Pony” (aka the triple pony or bumpy pony).

When I first saw the trend on Blake Lively and Nina Dobrev, I put it on my hair wishlist, but I assumed I would never, ever be able to replicate it myself. Then Jennifer Morrison brought it into fall, and I knew I had to try!

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I don’t want to give away too much (that’s what the video above is for!) but I will give myself a pat on the back — and a shoutout to my amazing teacher Halli at the John Barret Salon for guiding me in my attempt to re-create the do.

Was I successful? You’ll have to watch to find out. And tell me: Are you a fan of this style? What celebrity hair looks are you dying to try on yourself? Share your thoughts below, and we might try them for you!


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