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Gina Rodriguez Was Prepared for Professional Hair and Makeup From a Young Age: 'I Have a Really Strong Head'


Jane the Virgin is rarely predictable, with one exception: Gina Rodriguez‘s hair gives us absurd tress envy. We aren’t the only ones who noticed, though — she just signed a major hair contract. So what’s her secret? She gave us five. 

Gina Rodriguez
Dan Doperalski/REX/Shutterstock

1. When she was growing up, her mom was #hairgoals
“I love my hair,” Rodriguez shares. “She had this long, flowy, delicious, thick hair and growing up I always used to say I wanted my mom’s hair. I just hoped to God I got my mom’s hair, and I got it for sure.”

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2. And even though her wish came true, it does involve a “frizz situation”
“I have naturally curly hair — I definitely have a frizz situation, and being on television and constantly having to go through the process of straightening and blow drying my hair hasn’t made it better. So to use a product to make it get better is what’s necessary,” she says, adding that she’s used John Frieda’s Frizz-Ease “forever,” and she’s now their spokesperson. 

3. But when in doubt, her glam squad is on speed dial. 
“When it comes to the crazy things, I let Paul Norton, my hairstylist, rock it up — because other than that, I have no idea what I’m supposed to do with it,” she says. “I have Paul and Carissa [her makeup artist] in a group chat and I definitely always ask them for advice.”

4.Taking good care of not only her hair, but the rest of her body, makes her feel good about herself.
“My hair, body, the way I look, my skin — it’s about self care, it’s about being good to yourself and it’s about accepting what you have and doing what you can to exemplify that,” she advises. “With my hair, I identify with it so much. You know how women are — we are our hair.”

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5. And when it comes to her scalp, she can tolerate just about anything — including a braid-induced face lift.
“I’m Latina and growing up I had my best friend and next door neighbor Yolanda’s mom as a hairstylist — she would do braids on us,” she says. “She would pull my hair like I was basically getting facelifts at the age of 5 because she was pulling me back so bad, so I have a really strong head. My threshold for head pain and the pulling of my hair is really high. On set we’ll do wigs and 1920s looks and constantly have different hair, and some of the girls are in the trailer like ‘Ow, ow, ow’ and I’m like, chillin’.”

Do you love her hair as much as we do? 

— Jillian Ruffo, with reporting by Nicole Sands