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Christy Turlington's Calvin Klein Commercial Is the Latest In a Series of Confusing Celeb Ads

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You’ve seen Christy Turlington’s seriously jaw-dropping print ads for Calvin Klein. Well, now there’s a video component, and it makes us wonder if maybe the ads were better off being silently sexy.

“Clothes tell a story. Sometimes it’s true. Sometimes it’s what you want people to think, but this says what I really feel,” she says, writhing in her barely-there Calvin Klein undies. “It’s not a secret. Just personal. You might be surprised. Just between you and me.”

Anyone else scratching their heads?

Turlington’s commercial is just the latest in a series of celeb ads that seem less designed to sell a product than to project an air of mystery and, well, confusion.

Brad Pitt‘s ad for Chanel No. 5 is so otherworldly that it inspired an SNL parody — though we think the ad has its own special brand of humor.

And Diane Kruger’s own Chanel ad similarly revels in hard-to-decipher aphorism.s “I believe in beauty even with the eyes closed,” she intones over videos of her driving and chasing birds on a beach. “Beauty isn’t sought, it’s revealed.”

Tell us: Are you loving these philosophical ads, or would you rather just see (and not hear) these celebs pitch their wares?

–Alex Apatoff


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