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Becky G Does Her Own Makeup Before Every Concert, Plus More Beauty Secrets from the Singer


As a celebrity, getting ready for a big event require hours in the hair and makeup chair and multiple touch-ups from a loyal glam squad throughout the day. But singer Becky G isn’t like most celebs. Her motto: Why enlist a team of pros when you can simply DIY?

Becky G Degree partnership
Johnny Louis/WireImage

“When I’m on tour is actually when I wear the most makeup, simply because I start very, very early,” Becky, 19, tells PeopleStyle. “I visit four to five different radio stations and they take pictures and I meet with fans. I do my own hair and makeup, too, so I get myself ready when I’m on tour, starting really, really early and then I just go through my whole day all ready. That’s every single day, basically.”

She adds that doing her own hair and makeup (a two-hour process!) has become her quiet moment of zen before every concert: “I enjoy it actually, it’s very therapeutic — it’s like painting!”

Now that she’s shed a few inches off her long, wavy mane (she’s currently sporting a textured, shoulder-skimming lob), Becky says styling her strands before shows makes the prep process go smoother.

“One, I wanted something new and two, having such thick dark hair it wasn’t in the healthiest shape that it could be so I said, ‘Why not?’ she tells PeopleStyle of her decision to make the chop. “It’s so easy it’s so much easier. I love it! It’s lighter, it’s more fun on stage — it’s easier to just whip around.”

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And in her new role as the brand ambassador for Degree Women Deodorant, the singer doesn’t have to worry about sweating it out on stage during her (many) dance breakdowns.

“I am around dancers all day — I do not want to be stinky around my dancers,” she says, laughing. “Not only that, I’m meeting fans after the show, so there is nothing better than to feel fresh. It’s not just smelling fresh, but it’s feeling fresh.”

Becky G Degree partnership
Rich Polk/Getty

The deodorant giant teamed up with the singer for her most recent concert, the first in Degree’s iHeartRadio “Move with the Music” series, where both Becky and fans wore wearable Lightwave wristbands to monitor movement and crowd engagement.

“I was touring a ton, I was doing lots of rehearsals prepping for the tours, constantly in the studio, and with Degree Deodorant, [the partnership] just came together very naturally because it’s activated by movement anyways,” she tells PeopleStyle. “I’m always on the go, so it was like, ‘Hey, perfect!'”

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And when she’s not dancing to the beat of her own songs on stage, Becky says she stays fit thanks her other full-time gig as the Yellow Power Ranger, Trini Kwan, in the upcoming reboot of the popular ’90s TV series, Power Rangers.

“Being a Power Ranger, there’s likely a lot of martial arts [in my routine],” she tells PeopleStyle. “That’s been fun but, because I am exhausted by the end of my day on set and sometimes we have night shoots, I squeeze some time in the morning and hit the treadmill or the elliptical to get some cardio in, squats with weights — got to get the perky booty!”

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–Sarah Kinonen