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Another '90s Trend Is Back In a Big Way

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The Backstreet Boys are touring, Britney Spears has a big single out and everyone is wearing overalls. Are we sure it’s not actually 1998?

Further adding to our suspicion that we’ve time traveled (see also: floral sundresses and crop tops galore) is the latest trend we’ve seen on stars from Rihanna to AnnaSophia Robb (neither pictured).

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Though relegated in recent years to moms just trying to be practical and bring a sweater with them to the movies, the shirt tied purposefully around the waist is making a major comeback on stylish stars including (from left) Gwen Stefani, Vanessa Hudgens and Nicole Richie.

While Stefani and Richie both attempt high-fashion versions of the grungy look, Hudgens wears hers the most like we remember: Plaid, beat-up and ready to be repurposed as a slouchy top at a moment’s notice. Of course, this trend wasn’t always intentional the first time around — sometimes a girl just really needed a top to tie around her waist at a certain moment.

Tell us: Are you excited this look is coming back, or do you wish it would stay in the past millennium?

–Alex Apatoff


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