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Ali MacGraw Has Embraced Her Gray Hair at 75: 'About Time, Wouldn't You Say?'


Ali MacGraw had one of the most iconic hair looks of the ’70s — her chestnut-brown, center-parted locks are as nostalgia-inducing as the music to Love Story. And until recently, she was still sporting the style that made her famous. But now, she’s explaining to Oprah that she’s happily come to terms with her gray hair.

Ali MacGraw gray hair

“I woke up one day — I turned 75 — and I suddenly thought, ‘Enough is enough,'” she says in this clip (below) from Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday, which airs this Sunday. “I’m sure there’s a million people out there that think I’m crazy. I felt some kind of change. I really did … I mean, about time, wouldn’t you say?”

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MacGraw says that she spent “75 years of starting to think it was a good idea,” but what really convinced her to make the change was being surrounded by women in her hometown of Santa Fe who had done the same. “There are the most amazing-looking ‘grown up women’ doing incredible things and looking like themselves,” she says. “I’m so intimidated in that old way about walking down Rodeo Drive. People would say, ‘I know someone who could do your neck!’ or ‘What are you doing now?’ All that old L.A. talk, where you define your worthiness [by your looks]. It looked awful for a while, but now I really love it.”

To watch the whole interview, tune in to OWN or watch streaming video on Sunday at 11 a.m. EST, and tell us What do you think of MacGraw’s gray do? Do you (or will you) embrace your gray hair?

–Alex Apatoff