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The Water Bowl: New Spider Species Honors Bono

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These stories are worth a click:

After helping bring Spider-Man to the Broadway stage, Bono has yet another arachnid ally: an Auburn University biologist who discovered 33 new species of trapdoor spiders named a spider species, A. bonoi, after the U2 singer. –AP

After thieves tried to steal two pet ring-tailed lemurs, the critters escaped from their cage – and then proceeded to attack a 2-year-old girl in Miami, Fla. The child is okay and was not taken to the hospital. –Huffington Post

That’s quite a catch! While ice-fishing in a freshwater lake between Michigan and Ontario, a 25-year-old reeled in a 3-lb., 15-in. goldfish. “I pulled it up and just kind of stared at it for a minute,” said the fisherman. “I really didn’t know what to do with it.” –New York Daily News

Romanian traffic police employed stray dogs to promote pedestrian safety in a new TV campaign. The dogs were filmed using pedestrian crossings with the message, “If they can do it, then everyone can do it.” –Discovery News


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