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The 5 Best Pics from Puppy Bowl X


Talk about a game for the history books.

From precious puppies making action-packed plays to the acrobatic moves and theatrics of the kitten halftime show (and don’t even get us started on the penguin cheerleaders), Sunday’s Puppy Bowl X is sure to be an athletic contest not to be missed.

To get you excited for the marquee match-up, we’ve put together a preview of the event’s top highlights. Puppy Bowl kicks off at 3 p.m. ET on Animal Planet, with repeat airings throughout the day. Prepare to experience adorable overload!

It’s not a football game without some fans! These dedicated pooches cheer on their favorite players while tail-gating.

Plenty to see here, folks – Puppy Bowl’s kitten halftime performers bring on the glamour and glitz.

Go team, go! These penguin cheerleaders have all the spirit (and pom-poms) to get their team riled up.

Is he going for the touchdown? Will these pups be able to stop this adorable receiver from going for the win? Tune in!


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