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QUIZ: Can You Match These Adorable Dogs with Their Celebrity Owners?

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It’s National Dog Day! Now there’s a holiday everyone can agree on.

This is a day for long walks, sloppy kisses, peanut butter treats and funny sleeping positions. Unfortunately, not all of us are graced with the undeniable cuteness that is a pet pooch. That’s where the stars step in. Thanks to the sharing powers of social media, the dogless people of the world can vicariously live furry and fabulous lives by following the feeds of famous fido owners. Spend enough time cyber-obsessing, and you can almost convince yourself that Hugh Jackman‘s adorable French bulldog is actually your own. Almost. 

Sure, you can love and cyber stalk these surrogate canines, but are you a celebri-pup expert? Test your skills by attempting to match these pampered pets to their famous owners now.