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Special Delivery: Australia Receives Surprise Shipment of 13 Live Snakes

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Australia is already full of venomous snakes, boxing kangaroos, deadly spiders and terrifying jellyfish, but more dangerous critters are still trying to find their way in.

A box filled with 13 live snakes sent from Indonesia was intercepted at a mail facility in Melbourne, Australia, reports Mashable. Officials initially decided to open the box because it was labeled with the suspicious-sounding tag “mixed powders.”

The examiners found a mixed group of snakes instead, with some of the reptiles measuring over three feet long.

The country’s Department of Agriculture believes the animals were shipped to Australia to be used for breeding or to be sold as pets.

“I want to encourage anyone who is thinking of buying an exotic pet, like a snake, to ensure they are provided proof of the provenance of the animal so they are not inadvertently supporting this cruel trade,” the department’s head of Pathway Compliance, Nicole Hinder, said.

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All of the snakes were euthanized following their discovery to prevent the potential spread of disease and damage to the local biodiversity.