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Record-Breaking 11 Sets of Twins Enrolled at Long Island, NY Kindergarten

Posted on teachers in Long Island, New York, are in for a little extra memorization of their own this school year: A record-breaking 11 sets of twins are in kindergarten together.

The twins are all attending Lynbrook Kindergarten Center, where Principal Ellen Postman said they were split up purposefully, as is the school’s practice with all twins, to help foster independence.

“You see them hug each other goodbye when they get off the bus, then talk about their day when they get back together,” she told NBC New York. “They’re together at recess, when they go out to the playground, and they can share their new relationships,” she added to New York Magazine.

The group includes one set of identical twins, seven sets of twin brothers and sisters, two sets of fraternal brothers and one pair of fraternal sisters.

Postman declined to speculate on what might have caused the glut of twins, but said it’s going to be “exciting” to watch them grow up over their school career. Previously, the school saw seven sets of twins enroll at once, in 2011.