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Kim Kardashian West Busts Out Her Blonde Wig Again For Kanye's 'Famous' Exhibit


Looks like Kim Kardashian West has pulled her trusty old blonde wig out of retirement!

On Friday night, the 35-year-old reality star showed up to a secret art exhibition in Los Angeles inspired by husband Kanye West‘s controversial “Famous” video.

Wearing another flared black mesh jumpsuit, Kardashian West showed off her bright new ‘do and her trimmed-down new bod. She debuted her wig earlier in the day on Snapchat, while deciding between a dark or light lip color (she chose light).

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Beyond the Bikini! 10 Things You Didn't Know About Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Shoots

Posted on

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit brand has come a long way since its first issue in 1964. “It’s a different animal,” longtime Swimsuit editor MJ Day (pictured above, with this year’s cover girls Hailey Clauson and Ashley Graham), tells PeopleStyle. It started off as “an insert of probably four to ten pages” produced by editor Jule Campbell. “The model would do her own hair and make-up and Julie would bring a tote bag full of bathing suits,” reveals Day. “Jule, the photographer and the model would walk down to the beach and they would shoot some pictures.” These days, it’s a standalone special issue, an ever-growing digital presence and a brand new music and fan festival starring Action Bronson on Coney Island August 28.

In addition to that fan experience, 2016 marks the first year of the Summer of Swim special issue (which featured cover girls Nina Agdal and Hailey Clauson). In honor of the milestone we caught up with Day about misconceptions about putting together the sexy shoots.  “[Many people] think that models are sort of these pampered princesses and it couldn’t be farther from the truth,” says Day. “They work hard.” Check out these 10 fun facts:

Ben Watts

1) It’s not just a day at the beach. If the weather doesn’t cooperate, “when everyone [else on the shoot] is taking cover, you’re sweating or getting drenched,” says Day.  SI model Emily Ratajkowski agrees: “With SI, you travel far and wide to get to a beach and you never know what kind of elements will come into play — bugs, rain, you name it,” she told PeopleStyle in July.

Plus, you can’t sleep in. “Sometimes you’re talking about 2:30 a.m., 3:30 a.m. wake-up calls,” says Day, because you’re chasing the best light. “Every location is different in terms of where on the longitude and what their day looks like but most places, it’s the early morning or the last light of the day. That’s not always the case but it definitely is the majority of the time.”

2) Light can make or break a photo. “Even someone without a dimple or a bump or a vein or a pore can look like garbage if the light isn’t great,” says Day. “Shadows do wonders and they also wreak havoc; it’s sort of understanding that photography is an art just as much as painting is an art or sculpting is an art. Only the best can really work magic. We all know we can take a good iPhone selfie but that’s with a filter and pixelated imagery. These people are as much artists as any other medium; it’s an unfortunate thing that people don’t think about and they start undervaluing the craft.”

3) But re-touching is minimal. Really. “Video is such a huge part of it now, so it’s not like you’re going to re-touch things a lot,” reveals Day. “You don’t want it’s like make a girl look ‘runway’ in a photo and then different in the video, it’d be like, ‘What’s going on?’ That’s just silly and to be totally honest that’s not what we want to promote in the issue.”

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Taylor Ballantyne

4) Sandy butts are totally desirable— and sometimes take a little finagling. “We call it the ‘sugar cookie’ or the ‘Shake and Bake,'” she says. “It can happen naturally… like the model will just be sitting and gets up and we’re like, ‘That’s great!’ and we’ll just start shooting. But the sand also has to be the right consistency: It can’t be too wet and it can’t be too chunky. You can accomplish it a bunch of different ways: we do a little water and then somebody is usually holding onto the girl’s hands and she does a little squat to just dip her butt into the sand. We’ll use a little brush sometimes if it’s not right where we want it.”

“I know when we did Chanel Iman in Zanzibar and we knew we wanted to get that shot, so we actually mixed some glitter in with the sand, and we put it on the ground on the beach and we got off the beach but she sat down in it just to make the sand on her butt to make it a little bit shimmery. Nothing crazy.”

5) They steer clear of body makeup. “We ask the models to come spray-tanned and have their mani-pedis done before the shoot,” reveals Day. “We want them to have the self-tanner done because body makeup is a disaster. We use minimal body makeup because it can get on the suit and then you have big brown streaks all over the suit that you can’t get off.” The makeup artist on-site will do finishing touches with hand-applied tanner if it’s needed. “[Longtime SI makeup artist] Tracy Cunningham has her favorites, but we all love St. Tropez,” says Day. “We always carry that in our kit.”

6) …But hair extensions are almost always used. “Hair takes such a beating on a shoot,” says Day. “There’s humidity, or the hair can fall flat, it’s windy. Pieces really help bulk it up to last the duration of the shoot. They help with the volume and keeping the hair looking alive.”

Taylor Ballantyne

7) Toupée tape can be a lifesaver. “The beauty of photography is that you can stop and start if there’s slippage,” says Day of keeping the models in their skimpy suits. “We have stuff like toupée tape and little nipple covers that we put on so you don’t want to expose anything. We definitely secure things at times, but I would say it’s only like 10 percent of the time when a suit is just really tricky and very custom for us to have to anchor it down in some way. Not many of them require that to be honest.”

8) The no-makeup makeup look takes longer than you think.  “It’s definitely is way, way less makeup than we use on a normal shoot, but mastering that fresh, unmade-up look is not an easy thing to pull off,” says Day. “It’s not just that you wake up and throw on some moisturizer and go. It does get hard to hone that perfection and make that so it lasts five hours while we’re shooting.” Because of the times of day they have to shoot, they often are doing hair and makeup two separate times per day, once in the early morning and once at the end of the day.

9) They do the swimsuit fittings the day of the shoot—and there are hundreds of options. “Typically we bring anywhere from 500 to 800 swimsuits,” says Day. “It depends on the length of the shoot and the number of models that there are but we bring a lot because you never know what’s going to play right in that environment and what’s going to fit that model, because we do the fitting on location. At this point, I know all the returning girls’ bodies and what looks best on them and what is going to be comfortable, but it changes location to location. One place might have brightly colored buildings and the other place might be like baroque architecture. You want to be prepared for any and all situations while staying on-theme.”

10) The models often get to keep the suits. Because the only perk isn’t just getting to travel the world — the girls actually get to enjoy the bikinis! “We have plenty of designers that are like, ‘If the girls want to keep anything, let them’,” says Day. “It’s great for the designers to have the girls be seen in their suits, so a lot of them are more than happy if somebody falls in love with the suit they’ll let them have it.” Case in point: Emily Ratajkowski scored her first swimwear campaign with Amore + Sorvete after rocking their suit in an SI issue.

Get your tickets to SI Swimsuit’s first-ever fan and music festival on Coney Island here and check out the digital Summer of Swim!

Jessica Alba's Retro Cat Eye Look was Brought to You By Pinterest

Posted on

For the Mechanic: Resurrection premiere red carpet earlier this week, Jessica Alba actress served up some serious ’60s vibes with a soft, smoky cat eye and a romantic blowout — a sexy, sultry combination that easily made it our favorite Look of the Week. And, as her makeup artist, Honest Beauty creative color consultant Daniel Martin explains, Pinterest actually inspired this little throwback moment.

“Jessica’s a visual person, so she likes to see images for inspiration,” Martin tells PeopleStyle. “I put together mood boards on my iPad or show her images from my Pinterest page. I created a private board just for her of references for us to draw from.” Once the pair came together creatively, Martin got to work on what he calls “a tribute to [Brigitte] Bardot and [Catherine] Deneuve.”

To create the look, Martin applied the Smoked Aubergine and Blackened Burgundy shades from the Honest Beauty Falling For You Makeup Palette to the star’s lids, then added a dab of the Honest Beauty Magic Balm to create a slight sheen effect on the lids. As for the winged cat eye, Martin recommends painting an angled liner brush against the mascara wand (to pick up pigment), and then sweeping the brush along the upper lash line to define the outer edges.

“Jessica has a lot of great eye space to play with, so I love doing her eyes,” says the pro. “You can also get too carried away, so there’s a balance.”

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He left the finishing touches up to Alba. “We have our rhythm down to a science, so she does her own mascara and lipstick,” Martin says. “I’ll go over after she’s finished to clean up any mishaps.”

The star applied a few coats of the Honest Beauty Truly Lush Mascara + Lash Primer to her lashes and topped her pout with a rosy gloss (Honest Beauty Lip Gloss in Creative Kiss).

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So, what did Alba think of the look? “I think she said it was ‘dope,'” he laughs.

What do you think of Jessica’s sultry smoky eye? Share below!

Fire Alarm at Joey Fatone’s Hot Dog Stand Causes Shooting Scare at Florida Mall


Shoppers at the Florida Mall got a surprise from Joey Fatone on Thursday — and not the good kind.

The former boy bander’s upcoming hot dog stand Fat One’s was undergoing a routine fire inspection when six balloon popping noises erupted over the PA system, sparking a shooting scare.

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Deputies for the Orange County Fire Inspector told ABC mall goers were informed that the test was going to take place but that didn’t stop people from going into “panic mode.”

“People were bumping into things, getting stepped on, falling, children getting dragged by their arms,” said witness Mark Comer. Four people were brought to local hospitals with minor injuries as a result.

WATCH THIS: Joey Fatone Shares a Hilarious ‘NSYNC Story That Keeps Him Laughing to This Day!

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The mall is reportedly all clear and remains open. Here’s hoping Fatone’s September 10 opening goes a bit smoother.

A representative for the kiosk could not immediately be reached for comment.

Owner Shares Dying Dog's Final Day Full of Hamburgers, Hugs and Tears on Snapchat


It’s the worst day for any pet owner, saying goodbye to the loyal animal who has filled your life with happiness and love, but one dog mom was determined to make it the best day of her pup’s life.

In a series of photos posted to Snapchat, and later to Imgur, a dedicated dog owner showed how she chose to treat her pup before taking her to the vet to say goodbye.

“I don’t know if she knows or not. She trusts me to make a choice. No matter how hard it might be,” the woman wrote over snaps of her senior dog riding in the car beside her.

She added, “But if I have to make that choice, then let’s make the last day the best one yet.”

Over the next 19 photos, viewers see the graying pooch, sporting an “I am beautiful” bandana being treated to an aromatherapy bath, a McDonald’s meal, a manicure, playtime with her best pup friends and hugs from all the people in her life who love her.

It’s the final two shots that will resonate with anyone who has experienced the loss of pet. The second to last photo shows the owner together on one last car trip, with the canine riding in the woman’s lap on the way to the vet.

The last shot is of the owner and dog sharing one last hug on the floor of the vet’s office as the canine’s life slips away.

Don't Be Tardy to Look at Kim Zolciak's Giant New Ring


Kroy Biermann knows his wife, and he knows how much she despises tardiness for all manner of events. So he made her extra happy by celebrating their five-year anniversary a few months early — and doing it with some giant diamonds to boot.

Showing off a dazzling new band to go with her monster engagement ring from the NFL star on Snapchat, the former Real Housewife said, “This is my present from my hubby, a Forevermark wedding band for our five year anniversary. I just got the band early because he loves me so much.”

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A Forevermark rep said in an email that the eternity band “was purchased from Tara Fine Jewelry who works closely with the family. Kroy loved the Forevermark Diamonds, which are responsibly sourced and chose a ring that was 11 carats to symbolize their anniversary being 11/11.”

Not content to stop at the sparkle, Biermann delivered five vases of exotic flowers and some roses with a message, to make their reunion after his time at training camp even sweeter.

As they say, get yourself an NFL player who can do both (give you jewelry and flowers).


#NationalDogDay: See the Celebrity Love Notes to Their Fur Babies

Posted on

Everyone knows that #NationalDogDay is no ordinary day — and we think dogs everywhere are starting to catch on.

They get extra treats, cuddles, toys, and even heart-felt Instagram posts in their honor (“Love these two,” Mario Lopez said of his Frenchies, pictured above).

Celebrities weren’t shy about commemorating the important holiday and here’s a look at how they celebrated.

A note to dogs everywhere: work that cuteness, you could get a steak dinner out of this.

Ricky Gervais shared a sweet snap of one cuddle buddy.

Happy #NationalDogDay

A photo posted by Ricky Gervais (@rickygervais) on


Dave Annable couldn’t let the day pass without mentioning his BFF Buster.

Buster and his bitch. #nationaldogday #fbf

A photo posted by Dave Annable (@dave_annable) on


Bethenny Frankel couldn’t be with Cookie but gave her dog a shout out.

Missing my furry baby on #NationalDogDay. How are u celebrating? @cookiedabooboo

A photo posted by Bethenny Frankel (@bethennyfrankel) on


“Just me being a piece of furniture this morning for my crazy rescue dogs,” said actress Angela Kinsey of pups Buster and Biscuit.

Just me being a piece of furniture this morning for my crazy rescue dogs… #nationaldogday #buster&biscuit 🐶❤️

A photo posted by Angela Kinsey (@angelakinsey) on


Spartacus and Maximus with mom Coco — definitely one for the album!


Before Catherine Giudici became a mom to a baby, there were these two.

Life is ruff. (har har) #nationaldogday

A photo posted by Catherine (Giudici) Lowe (@catherinegiudici) on


Actress Kristin Davis took a moment to support adoption on #NationalDogDay

J.R. Martinez said he was “grateful” for pup Romeo (Aww!)


Jamie-Lynn Sigler’s dog is one of a kind, clearly.

Throwback VMAs Looks We Still Love (and How to Wear Them Today)

Posted on

The MTV Video Music Awards are an infamous occasion for celebs to pull out their wildest outfits and make bold style and beauty statements, whether it’s on the red carpet or stage.

Thanks to the slew of ’90s and early 2000s trends coming back, some throwback VMA styles you thought you’d never see again are influencing the most sought-after looks today.

And while yes, some of these ensembles might seem like too much to wear anyplace besides the red carpet or Miley Cyrus’s bathroom (hello, Lil’ Kim’s purple pasties!), read on to find out how to make these iconic looks work for you this weekend.


Scott Gries/Getty Images; Kylie Jenner/Instagram

Our jaws all collectively dropped when Lil’ Kim stepped on the VMA red carpet in 1999 wearing her purple mermaid-inspired jumpsuit, complete with matching pastie. Though that was a one-of-a-kind moment, her matching lavender wig has been emulated by stars including Kylie Jenner (who has tried wig colors from turquoise to platinum to fire engine red). To try out a temporary, colorful hair style like the one Lil’ Kim first wore, check out Kylie’s line of vibrant clip-in hair extensions from Bellami Hair.


KMazur/WireImage; H&M

Jenny from the Block inspired so many popular trends over the years, and her floppy hat from 2001 is no exception. But these days, we’re loving her high over-the-knee boots, which are a hot look this fall – even North West stole mom Kim’s silver $1,700 Balenciaga pair. To recreate J.Lo’s footwear look for less, wear these over-the-knee suede ones from H&M, which have a more modern almond-shape toe.


Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic; Freepeople

After several years on the “denim don’ts” list, denim overalls like Janet Jackson‘s at the 1999 Video Music Awards are back in style (her braids and red lip are timeless). Instead of a baggier fit like Jackson went for here, create this throwback look with a slimmer, more fitted one-piece style, like these ones from Free People.


Ron Galella, Ltd./WireImage; NARS

The power brow had its moment from 1987-1994, so Halle Berry was right on trend at the 1992 VMAs. Thanks to Instagram, a bold brow is hot again, so emulate Berry’s by carving out the shape of your brows and fill them in with this new NARS brow defining cream.


Frank Micelotta/ImageDirect; ASOS

We’re all about a pop of leopard print to spice up any outfit. Back in 1999 Christina Aguilera broke onto the music scene and started trends with this leopard-on-leopard lingerie look. For slightly tamer feline flair, try wearing one item of leopard print (whether it’s a shoe, bag or jacket), like this print bomber from ASOS we’re loving.


Ron Galella/WireImage; Kevin Mazur/WireImage; Top Shop

If the prevalent choker is giving you major flashbacks to a Claire’s in 1999, you’re not alone. Britney Spears sported the look (at two consecutive VMAs, in 1999 and 2000) and she’s addicted to the look all over again, as evidenced by her Hawaiian vacation, workout routine and recent Carpool Karaoke episode. For a true throwback, though, this TopShop velvet lattice choker with rhinestone embellishments is our favorite re-creation of the star’s style.


Jim Smeal/WireImage; Hot Lips

Before Rachel Green made us all run to our drugstore to buy the exact brownish nude lip shade she wore on Friends, Cindy Crawford was the OG lipstick trendsetter in this arena. At the 1993 VMAs she made brick-nude lips cool with this natural shade she’s now known for. Charlotte Tilbury even created (and named!) a shade reminiscent of this one in her Hot Lips line. Check out Tilbury’s ‘Super Cindy’ lip color to get as close as you can to the look — though whether or not you draw on the beauty mark is up to you.

Would you recreate any of these classic VMA looks? Tell us how below!


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